Episode 18

Published on:

18th Jan 2022

Keeping good people

In this episode we respond to emails we received about firm owners struggling to keep good people despite the fact they “run good firms”. Many firms owners will lament the work ethic of young people these days, others will assume their staff will eventually steal their clients, so why bother training, but the problem isn’t with staff. Instead we challenge listeners to take a constructive look at their own firm - and is it a great place to come to work each day. What’s the employee experience like? Start at the front door and the front office and the front office? How’s the coffee? How’s the view? How’s the technology?

Leave no stone unturned.

And when it comes to technology a critical piece of both the employee experience and your firm’s management is your workflow. Workflow helps you manage the firm and track work and tasks which is imperative in our virtual work environments - even if you’re back in the office a good workflow is worth it’s weight in gold. They come at all price points, so there’s no excuse.

Get your employee experience right and many other aspects of your business will fall into place.

We’re here to help - reach out via LinkedIn if there’s anything we can do to help.

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About the Podcast

Strategy and the Virtual Controller
Helping accounts and bookkeepers build the firm they want, their way
Your hosts Penny Breslin and Damien Greathead have more than 30 years of combined experience in the accounting industry. This podcast is to share their experiences of working in, and consulting to accounting and bookkeeping firms of all sizes, helping them grow.

Nothing discussed will be rocket science, instead they'll be discussing 'how' firms have successfully, and not so successfully, pursued growth. Penny and Damien will be sharing their insights on how firms can be successful by focusing on their people (clients included), their technology, and their processes and systems.

Ultimately how successful an accounting business will be depends largely on how the owners manage change, which alongside taxes appears to be the only constant.

We do want to acknowledge David Maister's great read Strategy and the Fat Smoker: Doing what's obvious but not easy as the inspiration for our title. Buy it on Amazon - https://amzn.to/3dhcUFC

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About your hosts

Penny Breslin

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Penny Breslin is the founder of MoneyPenny, a consulting firm specializing in helping accounting firms and other businesses embrace the power of technology to simplify their operations and increase their profit margins.

Drawing on her years of experience and her knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business, Penny oversees the development of back office processes for her client firms. From the initial evaluation of the firm’s workflow, to technology selection, and assisting in the on-boarding of the firm’s clients, Penny works with her clients to maximize the benefits of a paperless and cloud-based firm.

Damien Greathead

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Damien has been working in the accounting industry for more than 15 years. In addition to getting his hands dirty preparing tax returns and doing bookkeeping, but the bulk of his experience comes from consulting to both accounting firms and the technology companies that serve the industry.

He set up 2020 Group USA which was a membership group for small and medium sized accounting firms and then went on to set up Receipt Bank (now Dext) in North America.

He regularly speaks to industry bodies on technology, marketing and change management.