Episode 75

Published on:

19th Apr 2024

Navigating Cyber Threats with Christophe Reglat

In this episode, hosts Damien Greathead and Penny Breslin delve into cybersecurity within the realm of CPA operations with guest Christophe Reglat. Christophe discusses his extensive background in managing data centers and the evolution of cybersecurity, particularly focusing on the challenges CPAs face. The conversation covers the importance of continuous vigilance in cybersecurity practices, the development and function of the WISP (Written Information Security Program), and how cybersecurity isn't just a technical requirement but a moral one to protect clients' sensitive information.

[00:00 - 10:00] Christophe's Experiences and the Importance of Cybersecurity

  • Christophe talks about his experience since 2002 and the critical nature of compliance and security in data centers.
  • He emphasizes the non-stop nature of cybersecurity efforts in protecting CPAs.

[10:01 - 20:00] WISP, Real World Applications, and Cybersecurity Misconceptions

  • Christophe’s explanation of WISP's role in ensuring CPA firms' security.
  • He discusses how breaches can occur and the dual approach needed for cybersecurity within local environments and data centers.
  • Penny shares anecdotes about implementing security measures in her practice.
  • What are the common misconceptions about cybersecurity among CPAs?

[20:01 - 30:00] Technological Advancements in Security

  • The conversation shifts to the ongoing need for cybersecurity updates and the pitfalls of complacency.
  • The landscape of cyber threats is continuously evolving along with the necessity for CPAs to adapt.
  • Christophe discusses the implementation of AI in cybersecurity measures.
  • Continuous updates and real-time monitoring are essential due to the fast-paced nature of cyber threats.

[30:01 - 40:00] Security in Various Environments and Ethical Responsibilities

  • Christophe and Penny discuss the complexities of securing remote work environments and the specific challenges faced by CPAs.
  • Christophe emphasizes the integration of secure practices in everyday operations to protect against sophisticated cyber threats.
  • What are the moral imperatives of protecting client data and the reputational risks associated with data breaches?

[40:01 - 50:00] Interactive Q&A, Practical Takeaways, and Future Directions

  • Christophe provides practical advice on how CPAs can start improving their cybersecurity measures immediately.

Direct Quotes:

"Cybersecurity is already, of course, a given. If you want to maintain it 100% of the time, you have to be good at what you do." - Christophe Reglat

"We are always on the forefront of helping them with the cybersecurity problems that they have." - Christophe Reglat

“It's not an if, it's when you're going to get hacked." - Christophe Reglat


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